Metal Garden Edging System

June 9, 2023 0 Comments

Metal Garden Edging System

This unique feature make FormBoss® the best edge for your garden! landscape edging is a durable and attractive way to mark the difference between garden beds, grass, walkways and mulch beds. It creates a clean separation with minimal visual distraction. It prevents soil movement and enables easy use of mowers and other garden maintenance tools. It also resists brittleness and chipping. It is a great alternative to concrete and stone edging. It comes in a variety of heights and thicknesses, and can be set flush with lawns and paths or elevated for raised planting areas. It is flexible and can be shaped on-site or pre-formed during manufacturing to follow curves. It is easy to install, and connections between lengths of edging are hidden.

Metal Garden Edging: Adding Definition and Structure to Your Landscape

The metal landscape edgings we sell are available in different materials, from steel to aluminum and even corten steel. The rust-resistant versions will last the longest. Corten steel has a distinct rustic look that is popular with some gardeners. The aluminum version is lighter and softer, but will still withstand the elements.

Most of the edgings we carry are simple to install. They come in a long strip that is laid out and then cut to shape on site with a hand tool, such as a jogging spade. Most of the pieces are then hammered into place with a mallet. Some of the larger edgings require anchoring to keep them in place. There are 2 options for anchoring, a spike extension that clips to the back of the edging and then pounded into the ground, or a universal turnbuckle style brace that clip to the edging bracket and is extended diagonally through the edging and then hammered into the ground.