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Koen Archie is a creative and innovative DIY enthusiast living in Paris, France. He has a passion for transforming spaces and creating sustainable solutions to everyday problems. His journey into the world of DIY began at an early age when he started helping his parents with various home improvement projects. As he grew older, he was inspired to explore more ambitious projects, using various materials and techniques to create unique and attractive pieces.

Koen graduated from the École Supérieure de Design in Paris where he studied mechanical engineering and gained invaluable experience in design and crafting. He then went on to join the team at Parisite DIY, where he now works as a leader in their product development department. With his expertise in problem-solving and creative designing, Koen has been able to develop numerous new products that have gone on to be praised by customers all around the world.

When Koen isn’t working on developing new products for Parisite DIY, he uses his knowledge of crafting to help people bring out their own unique designs into reality. From basic carpentry work to complicated electrical wiring, Koen loves helping others create something meaningful from nothing.

Aside from his passion for DIY projects, Koen is also an avid traveler