What is Clairvoyance?

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People with voyance are often able to feel or sense something that is beyond the physical, in the “other” dimension. They might have a very strong feeling of deja vu, or they might be able to see images in the periphery of their eyes. Sometimes they may even be able to see Spirit Guides or earthbound spirits. It can be scary, especially if they don’t know how to handle their gift or are not used to it.

Clairvoyant abilities are not all-encompassing, and they can manifest differently in different individuals. For example, someone might just be able to see things that are going on around them, like their family members or friends in distress. They might also be able to pick up on vibes in a room or hear voices that sound like a radio. Others might be able to read auras and colours, or they might be able to divine the future.

The Gift of Sight: Understanding the Basics of Clairvoyance

Another very common clairvoyant ability is the ability to visualize. Many people who are clairvoyant have very strong imaginations and they often daydream, or zone out, during the day. This is because visualization is a very clairvoyant function, as is the ability to perceive images in their minds.

There are some people who have their clairvoyance turned down or blocked completely and these individuals will need to learn how to open up or clear that energy. There are also people who have clairvoyance that is turned up way high and it’s overwhelming for them, so they need to learn how to control their gifts.

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