Functional Medicine – The Future of Healthcare

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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is the future of healthcare, plain and simple. It offers a more comprehensive approach to treating and managing chronic disease, one that takes into account the complex interactions between genetics, environment and lifestyle. In addition, it looks at how different organ systems work together, not as independent silos.

The goal is to identify the root causes of illness, and then implement a personalized treatment plan that addresses both the underlying imbalances and your unique symptoms. This is done through in-depth appointments, a combination of specialty lab testing and targeted nutritional consultations. The practitioner may also recommend acupuncture, botanical medicine, herbal remedies, prescription medications (as needed) or massage therapy.

When working with a Functional Medicine practitioner, it is important to find someone who you trust. There are many ways to become certified in Functional Medicine, including attending seminars, pursuing continuing education training and even shadowing another practitioner.

An Introduction to Functional Medicine: A Holistic Approach to Health and Healing

Aunna Herbst, DO, is a physician who has spent the past 25 years studying Functional Medicine. She is a former lifestyle and health coach, who turned to medical school to study the complexities of nutrition and how it affects our bodies and overall health. Her osteopathic background helped her pursue Functional Medicine, which she says has holistic qualities that align with osteopathic principles. As a result, she was instrumental in getting Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine started. In fact, she was its operations director for a year before returning to private practice in Oklahoma.

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