How Businesses Can Benefit From an HLR Lookup Service

September 9, 2023 0 Comments

HLR lookup service

The HLR lookup service  (Home Location Register) contains data on each mobile phone subscriber connected to the network. It identifies the mobile operator, country code and network, IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), whether the phone is roaming and more. It is retrieved from the SS7 signaling network, and can be used by businesses to check if a number is valid and in active use on the network.

The key benefit is that it helps reduce the amount of money spent contacting inactive or dead mobile numbers. It is also a very effective tool for data cleansing and verification of customer information. It can be applied to validate a contact number during sign up, payment or registration and enables businesses to deliver tailored messaging to specific regions and carriers.

Demystifying HLR (Home Location Register): The Heart of Mobile Network Intelligence

It can verify that a mobile number is not being used for spam or fraud purposes and can quickly identify when a SIM has been swapped from one carrier to another. It can also help with fraud prevention by providing the information needed to determine if someone is using a disposable or throwaway number.

IPQS has direct relationships with the worlds leading mobile carriers to access their HLR database in real time, delivering better accuracy for validation services. This allows businesses to use the service directly through our Enterprise Web Client, APIs and SDKs or integrated directly into their registration, lead capture, SMS marketing or call centre. This enables a lower failure percentage, avoids penalties and de-prioritization by the carrier and can increase the number of sign ups and conversions.

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