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November 3, 2023 0 Comments

Jeremy Piven comedy tour is leanly muscular, taller than you expect and dressed in black that emphasizes the fit of his jeans, Henley-collared shirt and buckskin jacket. Behind horn-rimmed glasses, he has a serene quality that could be about tranquility or simply self-control.

For most of his four decades as an actor, Jeremy Piven has been That Guy. He was the obnoxious cousin with anger issues on the 1990s sitcom Ellen and played John Cusack’s obnoxious friend in movies like Say Anything and The Grifters. But he became a household name playing loud-mouth, fast-talking Hollywood talent agent Ari Gold on the HBO series Entourage, for which he won three straight Emmy Awards.

Celebrity Interaction: Jeremy Piven’s Facebook Page Highlights

Piven’s success on “Entourage” led him to leap at the chance to star in a British series, the BBC’s Mr. Selfridge, which premiered in January. The show centers on a famous London department store mogul. The role called for a different approach to acting, one that’s closer to the British tradition than to the glitzy American model of chasing celebrities with big bucks and loud rock music.

But it’s the ongoing sexual misconduct scandal that has taken a toll on Piven, who hasn’t been able to start work on a Gore Vidal biopic he was co-starring in for Netflix. The production pause Tuesday shadows the future of that project and also came as CBS checked in on an actress’ claim that the Emmy winner groped her.

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