LLQP Continuing Education (CE) Credits

October 19, 2023 0 Comments

Continuing Education (CE) credits are important to maintain your llqp ce credits and remain up to date in the industry. Whether you want to earn CE credits through an online webinar or in-person class, there are many options available. You can also gain a better understanding of LLQP by attending a seminar or workshop with an experienced industry professional.

You can take courses and programs that are approved by the CIPR for credit. You can even write an exam and get a full course completion certificate. However, you can only use a particular CE credit for your licence renewal once within two licence periods unless the course content has substantially changed.

Staying Up-to-Date: The Importance of LLQP CE Credits for Insurance Professionals

In addition to in-person classes, seminars and workshops, you can also earn CE credits through home studies, audiotapes, CD-ROMs, lectures, videos, directed readings, college courses, college or university lectures, student x-ray bowls, chart rounds and journal clubs. Some CE credits can be earned for the preparation of manuals, in-service presentations, and attendance at routine department meetings and staff meetings.

The most important thing to remember when you are claiming CE credits is to keep accurate records of the activities that you participate in. You should be able to provide proof of your participation from the course or program provider if you are audited by the Registry. If you are not comfortable tracking your own CE activities, you can rely on a full-service record keeper such as the ASRT to help you.

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